Illustrator CS6 re-certification – and more to come

I’m pleased to announce my recent re-certification to the latest version of Adobe Illustrator – CS6. For good quality training it’s important that the instructor you use has official Adobe Certified Instructor status (ACI) on the appropriate version. Any ACI can send you official confirmation of his or her status through the Adobe credentials verification system.

Having said that, while the CS6 suite of products has been available for some months, re-certification is not yet available for instructors on all products. After Effects CS6 being an example relevant to myself. I’m expecting the re-certification exam to be available in early March (yes, this year :). So, while I’m up-to-date and actively training with the current CS6 version – which is excellent by the way – the latest certification for AE remains at CS5 – for the moment at least.