SubScribe Designer: free (and worthwhile) for Illustrator

Occasionally that free lunch does come along…

I often think that Illustrator may be the quirkiest product in the Adobe design suite – amazingly powerful at some tasks – undeniably frustrating at others. But the one thing that really helps is the wide, and often very powerful, range of plug-ins that work with it.

Astute Graphics is one of those plugin developers – and a UK based one to boot. They’ve created a range of well respected and powerful add-on tools for illustrator.

SubScribe Designer is one of those – and, for the moment at least, you can get a copy for free. The value of most free offers is reflected in the price you pay – but this one isn’t. If you do any form of technical or precision drawing in Illustrator you’ll wonder how you lived without it. SubScribe adds the ability to draw lines tangent to, and perpendicular to, curves and circles, to draw circles tangent to lines and curves, to draw 2 and 3 point circles, to draw arcs, to orient objects, and connect and straighten path segments.

What’s the catch? Well, I guess it’s a very simple one: once you’ve tried this, you’ll be hard pressed not to want to spend some money on their other plug-ins…