After Effects 101
18-19 March 2020
NTI Leeds

Adobe After Effects is an industry standard for professionals working in 2D and 3D motion graphics, visual effects, and compositing. It offers a powerful and flexible toolset, enabling you to create animation and video content for any end use – from film and TV, though to web and social media.

This two day course offers an introduction to the essential tools, techniques and operation of After Effects. Topics include: worklow overview, interface and navigation, keyframe animation, working with transparency, basic shape layers, applying and using effects, type animation presets, and basic rendering.

This course is designed to provide a solid foundation in the basic operation of the software, and an introduction to it’s most used features, tools and effects.

Suitable for

We recommend this course, if:

  • You are working, or about to work, with video and would like to produce creative and memorable content that includes motion graphics, object animation, dynamic animated typography, visual effects or multi-layered (composited) video.
  • You are working with video and would like to expand your capabilities beyond the basic effects and animation tools in your editing software.
  • You would like to widen your skills and explore the creative possibilities of this industry-standard motion graphics, visual effects and compositing software.