Here are four ways to train:

Scheduled course

Typically held at Adobe Authorised Training Centres in city centre locations these courses are designed to cover a broad range of features that will offer most users the greatest benefit.

On-demand course

More specialised courses that can be run on-demand at an external training location, or on your own site if you have a suitable facilities. An example would be ‘Photoshop for Schools’ – a course for teachers and IT staff, typically run on site.

Custom course

If you have more focused needs needs, consider a custom course. Tailored to your requirements this can be held at an external training location, or on your own site. This is a way to train on the topics and techniques that are relevant to you – in less time, and therefore less cost – than through a regular public course.


Are you looking for the ultimate in personalised training, or do you have a particular image processing or workflow challenge you need to solve? Just call me to discuss the options.

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